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Monday, 23 January 2017 03:58

What’s Heel – Ho?

And why should anyone who wears heel be excited about it?

You know heels were first worn by royalty. They were popularized by the French King Louis XIV and the upper classes who used high heel shoes to make themselves look larger than life. A person of wealth was known as “well heeled.”

Louis XIVSome people say that royal men were the first people to wear high heels and women started wearing them to appropriate masculine power --who knows?  The bottom line is that now most people who wear high heels are women who suffer for the style.

There have been many attempts to design a “comfortable” high heel. Just today on a podiatry listserv I read about a podiatrist who loves high heels and after her residency in reconstructive foot surgery has designed her own line of high heels. Having practiced podiatry for over 30 years I believe that experience in reconstructive foot surgery is not really helpful in shoe design. Even if this new surgically trained podiatrist did design a fantastic shoe – what would you do with all the shoes you already have – and love?

Heel ho has the answer. Heel Ho is a small insole that fits into your favorite dress shoes. Heel Ho simply makes your favorite shoes more comfortable! Heel ho was designed by Tina Goodman– who has worn heels for years and has a practical, entrepreneurial mind. She found the best cushioning material – medical grade poron and made it in an anatomical shape which is infinitely more effective than other cushions. Heel- Ho simply blow out of the water the ‘ball of foot’ cushions sold in drug stores!

I am proud to apply my thirty years of practical professional podiatry experience to help Heel Ho design the next generation of outstanding foot comfort products! Stay tuned!

In a word: Lasers!  While I cannot treat your shoulder, I can tell you that nothing has worked better on my shoulder to relieve my muscular pain than laser treatment!

Lasers. One thing I have found out about lasers is that there is a lot of hype about lasers. It is extremely difficult to separate what is advertising hyperbole from what is fact. I think laser manufacturers can get away with a lot of advertising hype because of the way lasers work. I have found there are few immediate  results from the laser. Laser treatment is completely comfortable – just a mild warmth is felt. A day or two after laser treatment you start to notice that the pain you had is now gone.  Many medical treatments we get show a quicker result. When you get an injection to put something to sleep for example the results are  quick and dramatic. The laser produces results that are gradual and also cumulative. If the laser treatment is done several times a week it seems to be much more effective. There is also an art to applying laser therapy. If too high a dose of laser energy is used it seems to not work at all - or even make the area more painful. Too  little laser energy does nothing.

We have been using what I consider to be the most versatile and one of the most powerful lasers on the market. We have tested other lasers but found the one we use to be the most effective.

Currently, Laser treatment is considered “experimental” by insurance companies and they do not pay for it. Laser has worked for my patients’ plantar fascitis, neuromas etc. – and my shoulder. I strongly believe in laser therapy and want anyone who needs laser therapy to be able to afford to get it.  We are offering laser therapy to our established patients for a limited time at  $20  per foot per treatment. (Only feet please!)

Call our office at 512. 335. 1800 and experience laser therapy!

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